Guide to Blinds in No-Limit Hold’em

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A very important part of the game of poker are of course the rules of the game, and as part of the game you must make forced bets, that are called blinds, every few rounds as a way of keeping the game moving and also the games way of naturally culling or taking out the players who continually fold each hand.

How to Defend Your Blinds

Some players like to really rattle and shake their opponents once the game has progressed and there are fewer players present at the table. These players are often docile during the game then turn into the aggressors when the time is right, playing on their opponents fear by intimidating them and stealing their blinds. They have a good stack and they sit there chipping away at you knowing you cannot afford to play unless you have good good cards, so they funnel even more money out of you while you’re already down.

Sounds pretty much like a situation you might have been in before? Well in this section, our guide on how to defend your blinds will actually teach you how to beat back the obvious aggressor and play with confidence, to stop your blinds from being stolen through brute force. We will show you techniques and plays that enable you to flip the beat down back onto your opponent like a well-developed baseball swing, literally knocking that ball straight out of the park.

How to Steal Blinds

Stealing blinds can be a necessary evil in the game of no limit hold’em poker. When we steal blinds; we do with maximum brute force aggression. We’ve recounted some games where we literally hammered our opponents into submission at the table, including during countless heads up situations using the same tactics we’re going to teach you today. In our guide on how to steal blinds we cover a few areas and situations where it’s necessary to do so.

We play on the fact we have a large chip stack and then attack each of our opponents in turn, striking fear in to their hearts as we show them no mercy. Make no mistake, you must show as much aggression as possible during the later stages of a game and if there’s a lot of money at stake in prizes, you better be ready to sweep that leg Johnny at all times. Get ready to go all berserker on them.

Mini-Guide to Blinds

In No-Limit hold’em poker, you have a system of forced betting that moves around the table from player to player. There are 2 different sizes of forced bet that move around the poker table and they are known as the big and little blinds. They are next to each other with the small blind the nearest to the dealers left and the big blind occupying the spot to the right of the small blind directly. The value of the big blind is typically the value required to see the flop and the small blind is half of that value.

Betting starts to the right of the big blind and makes its way around the table ending up at the little blind then the big blind. Blinds typically increase incrementally in size as the game progresses. This can be at intervals of every 8 to 10 minutes. In some speed poker variants, they increase the blinds every 3 to 4 minutes which makes for some dramatic results. In our Blinds guide we’re going to teach you about the two most important aspects of the blind system in a game of no limit hold’em poker. These two important subjects are How to Defend Your Blinds and also How to Steal Blinds. You can put all this to task with our, just hit the link.

What You Will Learn From This Guide

Our expert blinds guide will show you all the tips and tricks in order to maximise your profits and minimise any damage to your existing chip stack. We will teach you what to look out for and how to take out annoying or problem players. Just think of us as the Chuck Norris or Jean-Claude Van Damme of no-limit hold’em poker, we’ll show you how to neutralize the bad guy at the table in seconds. Our guide will also turn the tables and put you into the role of the aggressive blind stealer. When you’re playing this role you have to be the dominator and we’ll show what plays are necessary to make that happen. If your feeling ready to play then is a website holding the cards on the very best poker casinos online.

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